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Liljah's Pregnancy diary

Liljah expected a litter End June 2020. The  Sonography showed a small litter of 2 puppies. We were still excited and Liljah was so healthy and strong while pregnant, had a great appetite and lots of energy and wore the pregnancy really well up untill the end.

She got milk already at 7 weeks pregnant, but had a small belly which indicated a small litter. At 8 weeks pregnant we did an X-ray that showed one puppy and we started preparing for a maybe more difficult birth due to having only one puppy. At 66 days pregnant we did a c-section and the puppy was unfortunately not viable and had to be euthanized. 

Liljah was so beautiful and strong while pregnant and therefore I have kept the pregnancy gallery below even though there were no living puppies from the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Day 49

Pregnancy Day 42

Pregnancy Day 35

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